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Perspectives on Language as Action

Edited by: Mari Haneda, Hossein Nassaji | Paperback | 9781788922920

This edited volume has been compiled in honour of Professor Merrill Swain, one of the most prominent scholars in the field of second language acquisition (SLA) and second language (L2) education. For over four decades, her work has contributed substantially to the knowledge base of the field of applied linguistics, and her ideas have had…

Aspiring to be Global Language and Social Change in a Tourism Village in China

Author: Shuang Gao | Hardback | 9781788922753

This book makes a novel contribution to the sociolinguistics of globalization by examining the dynamics between language and social change in the tourism destination of West Street, Yangshuo, China. The author makes use of multiple sources, including ethnographic interviews, tourist literature, public signage and policy documents, to exa…

Critical Reflections on Research Methods Power and Equity in Complex Multilingual Contexts

Edited by: Doris S. Warriner, Martha Bigelow | Paperback | 9781788922548

This book explores the challenges and opportunities involved in conducting research with members of immigrant, refugee and other minoritized communities. Through first-hand reflective accounts, contributors explore community-based collaborative work, and suggest important implications for applied linguistics, educational research and ant…

Investigating Content and Language Integrated Learning Insights from Swedish High Schools

Edited by: Liss Kerstin Sylvén | Paperback | 9781788922401

This book provides a rich and unique longitudinal account of content and language integrated learning (CLIL). The chapters report on the findings from a large-scale, three-year research project undertaken at senior high school level in Sweden.…

Early Instructed Second Language Acquisition Pathways to Competence

Edited by: Joanna Rokita-Jaskow, Melanie Ellis | Paperback | 9781788922494

This book provides a holistic overview of what leads to success in foreign language learning at an early age and deepens our understanding of early foreign language learning. The studies use an array of methodological approaches to research learners aged between three and ten, as well as their parents and teachers, in instructional, mini…

English-Medium Instruction and Pronunciation Exposure and Skills Development

Author: Karin Richter | Hardback | 9781788922456

This book offers new insights into the language gains of adult learners enrolled in an English-medium instruction (EMI) degree programme. It provides longitudinal empirical evidence of the phonological gains of the learners; discusses which individual factors contribute to the changes in the learners’ pronunciation and investigates…

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Mother Tongue – The Most Beautiful Gift We Have

Today is International Mother Language Day. To celebrate it, we have a blog post from one of the editors of our book, New Perspectives on Translanguaging and Education, Boglárka Straszer. In this post she reflects on the importance of our mother tongues. Many years ago, I took the bus every morning to my office at the university … Continue reading Mother Tongue – The Most Beautiful Gift We Have

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