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Faith and Language Practices in Digital Spaces

Edited by: Andrey Rosowsky | Hardback | 9781783099276

This volume shares the results of research conducted within and across the complex nexus of language, religion and new technologies. It identifies the dynamic and mobile ways religious practice and language interact online to modify, confirm, transform and consolidate linguistic resources and repertoires.…

Bilingual Childcare Hitches, Hurdles and Hopes

Author: Victoria Benz | Hardback | 9781783099177

This ethnographic study explores aspects of bilingual education in two early childhood German–English education centres in Australia. Using various sources of data and multiple methods of analysis, it investigates the processes at work when establishing and implementing a bilingual programme and examines the language attitudes, ideologies and practices of the parents, educators and administrators involved.…

Heritage and School Language Literacy Development in Migrant Children Interdependence or Independence?

Edited by: Raphael Berthele, Amelia Lambelet | Paperback | 9781783099030

This book discusses literacy development in heritage language speakers and presents the results of four different quantitative studies that investigate the transfer of literacy skills in bi- and multilingual language development. The empirical studies focus on different populations of pupils, most of them located in various parts of Switzerland, and emphasise the potential residing in shared or transferred resources between their herit…

Translating for the Community

Edited by: Mustapha Taibi | Paperback | 9781783099122

Written by translation practitioners, teachers and researchers, this edited volume is a much-needed contribution to the under-researched area of community translation. Its chapters outline the specific nature and challenges of community translation (e.…

English-Medium Instruction in Japanese Higher Education Policy, Challenges and Outcomes

Edited by: Annette Bradford, Howard Brown | Hardback | 9781783098941

<em>English-Medium Instruction in Japanese Higher Education</em> provides a touchstone for higher education practitioners, researchers and policy makers. It enables readers to more clearly understand why policies concerning English-medium instruction (EMI) are in place in Japan, how EMI is being implemented, what challenges are being addressed and what the impacts of EMI may be.…

We Need to Talk A New Method for Evaluating Poetry

Author: Michael Theune, Bob Broad | Hardback | 9781783098859

We evaluate poems constantly: as workshop leaders, competition judges and journal editors. But how do we judge the success of verse in these contexts? The authors propose an innovative method by which anyone involved in the assessment of poetry can be more transparent about how they value verse.…

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