Second Language Students in English-Medium Classrooms A Guide for Teachers in International Schools Author: Coreen Sears

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02 Mar 2015
Parents' and Teachers' Guides
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Second Language Students in English-Medium Classrooms offers a real-life practical guide to teachers that will enable them to serve students from many linguistic and cultural backgrounds effectively. Written in an accessible manner it includes numerous exemplary strategies and resources as well as practical references to the latest uses of embedded technology. All of these are designed to reflect contemporary practice in international schools. The book also tackles the controversial and politically-charged issues of the potentially overwhelming impact of English in global contexts and the use of students’ mother-tongues in English-medium classrooms. Written by an author and researcher with over 35 years’ experience, this book is an essential resource for all teachers, administrators and parents of children in international schools.


Understanding bilingualism and the theories of language learning and acquisition is key to teacher effectiveness in international schools, and this book outlines them in accessible detail. In so doing, and perhaps most importantly for the propagation of the educationally sound evidence-based views put forward in this book, it empowers practitioners to advocate for best practice within their schools...This book offers a one-stop opportunity for busy leaders, administrators and practitioners to validate held beliefs and develop their professional knowledge. The book is a 'must-read' for teachers new to the international circuit, and experienced teachers who want to become more effective in the multicultural classroom. It is for anyone planning a teacher in-service training programme or presenting information to parents or looking for a comprehensive set of practical suggestions for starting the year with emergent bilinguals.

- International Schools Magazine, Spring 2016 - Jane Fox, ACS Egham International School, UK

One of my first positions when I was still studying at university was as a substitute teacher at one of the international schools in Italy. This book perfectly presents, and aids the reader in understanding, the atmosphere in an international school deriving from the advantages of a multilingual setting. I found many of my own impressions from that time in the present book.

- Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education Vol. 4:1 (2016) - Francesca Costa, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Italy

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Coreen Sears has worked within the world of international education as teacher, researcher and consultant for over 35 years. Her focus throughout this time has been on ways to offer effective academic and social experiences to linguistically and culturally diverse students. Her bestselling book Second Language Students in Mainstream Classrooms has supported thousands of teachers in international schools worldwide since its publication in 1998.

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