A World of Indigenous Languages Politics, Pedagogies and Prospects for Language Edited by: Teresa L. McCarty, Sheilah E. Nicholas, Gillian Wigglesworth

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31 Mar 2019
234 x 156


Spanning Indigenous-language settings across six continents, this book examines the multifaceted efforts of Indigenous peoples to reclaim and sustain their languages. The authors foreground Indigenous knowledges and perspectives, highlighting the decolonizing aims of contemporary Indigenous language movements both inside and outside schools.

Author Biography:

Teresa L. McCarty is G.F. Kneller Chair in Education and Anthropology and Faculty in American Indian Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Her research interests include Indigenous education, language planning and policy, language revitalization/reclamation, ethnography of education, and educational and linguistic anthropology.

Sheilah E. Nicholas is Associate Professor of American Indian Studies, University of Arizona, USA. Her research interests include Indigenous/Hopi language reclamation and maintenance, Indigenous language ideologies and epistemologies, the intersection of language, culture and identity, and Indigenous language teacher education.

Gillian Wigglesworth is Professor and Director of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne, Australia. Her research interests include Indigenous children’s language, interlanguage pragmatics, language testing and assessment, second language acquisition and second language pedagogy.

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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