Teaching Adult Immigrants with Limited Formal Education Theory, Research and Practice Edited by: Joy Kreeft Peyton, Martha Young-Scholten

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30 Jun 2020
Multilingual Matters
225 x 170


Adult migrants who received little or no formal education in their home countries face a unique set of challenges when attempting to learn the languages of their new countries. Few adult migrants with limited or no literacy in their native languages successfully attain higher levels of literacy in their additional languages, even if they attain high levels of oral proficiency. This book, the result of a European- and United States-wide collaborative research project, aims to assist teachers working with adult migrants to address this attainment gap and help students reach the highest possible levels of literacy in their new languages. The chapters provide the latest research-informed evidence on the acquisition of linguistic competence and the development of reading in a new language by adults. The book concludes with a chapter that addresses the challenges and opportunities faced by this group of learners and their teachers, with specific instructional strategies that can be used. The book will be an invaluable resource for teachers, tutors and training providers, as well as volunteers, who work with adult migrants.

Author Biography:

Joy Kreeft Peyton is a Senior Fellow, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC, USA.

Martha Young-Scholten is Professor of Second Language Acquisition, Newcastle University, UK.

Readership Level:

Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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