Adult Minority Language Learning Motivation, Identity and Target Variety Author: Colin J. Flynn

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31 Mar 2020
Second Language Acquisition
Multilingual Matters
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This book examines the role of attitude, motivation and identity in the process of learning a minority language. It presents mixed-method empirical research which investigates how attitude, motivation and identity in adult learners of a minority language are related to their awareness of, and commitment to, different dialects and varieties of the language as learning targets. Specifically, it is concerned with the attitudes of adult learners of Irish towards acquiring various traditional (Gaeltacht) and non-traditional (second language) varieties of the language. It explores the relationships that exist between these attitudes towards varieties and learners’ motivation and self-concept as second language speakers.


Written in a highly readable style, this book details the findings of an in-depth and timely study among adult language learners, investigating the role of motivation, language attitudes and linguistic identities in determining levels of acquisition of (varieties of) the Irish language. The book constitutes a valuable resource for researchers, teachers and students interested in second language acquisition, bilingualism and sociolinguistics.

- Robert M. McKenzie, Northumbria University, UK

Author Biography:

Colin J. Flynn is Assistant Professor in Irish at Dublin City University, Ireland.

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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