Identity and Intercultural Exchange in Travel and Tourism Edited by: Anthony David Barker

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14 Oct 2014
Tourism and Cultural Change
Channel View Publications
210 x 148


This book looks at the relationship between questions of identity formation and modern practices in travelling and tourism. Unprecedented levels of mobility and international exchange over the last 100 years have raised questions about the stability of national and personal identities and new and creative patterns of behaviour and self-realisation are now emerging due to the enormous commercial interests that lie behind the modern travel and tourism industries. The volume will consider these issues and the challenges they create in various geographical contexts (Germany, Spain, Romania, Italy, Africa) and concludes with a number of case studies from the Portuguese context, where the revenues from tourism are integral to its economy and a lifeline in the current economic crisis.


This book provides an exciting discussion of travel and tourism, and drives the reader into matters of great academic and practical interest. Even if the discussion is mostly centered on travel and tourism, the debate launches bridges for tourism planning and management, and is a source of inspiration for the creation of new businesses.

- Carlos Costa, University of Aveiro, Portugal

The intersection of tourism, culture, place and identity are cleverly explored in this edited collection. The authors provide a fresh perspective on a variety of issues from dark tourism to travel writing. Conceptually diverse with rich insights, researchers interested in exploring identity and tourism will find this thoughtful volume well worth reading.

- Leanne White, Victoria University, Australia

The editor, Anthony David Barker, brings his expertise in film narrative, history of cinema, British and American drama, and English literature since the 18th century to produce an enlightening, well-crafted, and invigorating book in collaboration with 16 other contributors. (...) This book delivers a unique flavor of significance in nourishing tourism and destination development research through integrating multidisciplinary insights. The flawless marriage between cultural texts and tourism phenomenon showcases how cultures and personal identities can be exchanged via innovative patterns of travel behaviors that are bolstered by commercial drivers embedded in modern tourism industries.

- Tourism Analysis, Vol. 21, pp. 683–687 - Lu Lu, Washington State University, USA

Author Biography:

Anthony David Barker is an Associate Professor of English Culture at the University of Aveiro, Portugal and coordinator of a research team working on 'Cultural Flows and Literary Mediations'. He has worked in cultural studies-related fields for over 25 years and his research interests include film narrative and genre.

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