Making Sense in Sign A Lifeline for a Deaf Child Author: Jenny Froude

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17 Apr 2003
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Language which develops ‘against all the odds’ is very precious. Words were not enough for Tom; it was signs that made sense of a world silenced by meningitis. Confidence came via joyful and positive steps to communication from babyhood; a brush with epilepsy, a cochlear implant in his teens and life as an independent young adult followed.


This book is a letter of love and faith from a woman whose son's deafness at first overwhelmed then inspired her. It is a sensitive account of the ramifications of deafness for her son and his success in coping with it.

- Rt Hon Lord Ashley of Stoke

Professionals who work with deaf children should read this book and refer to it often. The arguments for the communication approach are clearly presented. But that aside, the insights into family life with a deaf child are invaluable.

- Jackie Parsons, Teacher in Charge of Lighthouse Sign Support Resource, Guildford Grove Primary School.

Author Biography:

Jenny Froude was a journalist on Woman’s Weekly before retiring to have a longed-for family. New communication skills were needed when the youngest was deafened by meningitis at 5 months. The years that followed were a steep but lovely learning curve! She studied Signed English and worked as an SSA in a Senior Hearing Impairment Unit for four years.

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