Equality and Inequality in Education Policy Edited by: Liz Dawtrey, Janet Holland, Merril Hammer, Sue Sheldon

Hardback - 336 pages
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03 Jan 1995
Multilingual Matters
234 x 156


Throughout its history, education in Britain has been marked by various crucial divisions: gender and class have long been dividing factors, and since the 1960s there has been increasing awareness of the issues of disability and 'race'. This book contains a selection of articles that discuss the history and gendered nature of education policies and the impact of those policies on practice in education in Britain and elsewhere. It presents a range of views and approaches, demonstrating the complexity of the educational experience and the influence of gender, class, 'race' and culture on education. Far from being a radical and liberating experience for many pupils, education emerges for some as restraining a means of legitimizing dominant ideologies of state and society. The articles some well-known, others less familiar or specially commissioned contribute to ongoing debates and afford an examination of the place of education policy in production, reproduction and transformation of the major dimensions of social inequality.

Author Biography:

Liz Dawtrey is a Sub-Dean and Course Manager in the School of Education at the Open University. Janet Holland is Lecturer in Education at the Open University and Co-chair of the course E826 Gender Issues in Education: Equality and Difference. She is also Senior Research Lecturer at the Institute of Education, London University. Merril Hammer is Staff Tutor (Education) for the London Region of the Open University.

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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