Words, Words, Words. The Translator and the Language Edited by: Gunilla Anderman, Margaret Rogers

Paperback - 112 pages
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19 Mar 1996
Topics in Translation
Multilingual Matters
210 x 148


This book presents an interesting new perspective on the study of the lexicon, examining ways in which insights from translation and language learning can be viewed as complementary. The contributors bring together a range of expertise including research on the mental lexicon, second language acquisition research, translation studies and practice, terminology, language teaching and lexicography. The lexicon, often considered to be the poor relation of grammar, has recently received more attention from theoretical and applied linguists. This book is a part of the trend to explore the rich potential of this field for the benefit of the translator or lexicographer, as well as the language learner and the teacher.

Author Biography:

Gunilla Anderman is Director of the Programme in Translation Studies at the University of Surrey and the Chair of the Education and Training Committee for the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Having gained her PhD in theoretical linguistics, she has been a foreign language teacher and teacher of translation and linguistics for many years. A professional translator of drama, her recent publications have concerned the role of speech act theory in the translation of dialogue. Margaret Rogers is Deputy Director of the Programme in Translation Studies at the University of Surrey. As a trained foreign language teacher she gained her PhD in applied linguistics. She has been a co-manager of a number of European projects at the University. Her recent publications have been concerned with the role of theoretical linguistics in interpreting second language data, and the role of grammar in the second language classroom.

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