Monolingualism and Bilingualism Lessons from Canada and Spain Edited by: Sue Wright

Hardback - 112 pages
03 Jun 1996
Multilingual Matters
248 x 168


There is an urgent need at the heart of linguistic theorising to take account of bi- and multilingual perspectives. In the field of language planning, issues of bilingualism are often perceived through monolingual filters and resolved by monolingual responses. In this volume issues of monolingualism, multilingualism and identity are addressed directly in detailed studies of Canada and Spain. John Edwards and Charlotte Hoffmann are both well-known authorities on bilingualism and problems associated with language in multilingual societies. In this book they provide state of the art articles on Spain and Canada. Their insights are useful in a period of evolution in both these countries. After each of the articles, which were presented in a seminar series, there is a transcript of the debate which followed. The invited audiences are all scholars working on the area or in allied fields.

Author Biography:

Sue Wright is a lecturer in the School of Language and European Studies at Aston University. Her research interests are multilingualism and language policy in Europe.

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