New Language Bearings in Africa A Fresh Quest Edited by: Margaret Jepkirui Muthwii, Angelina Nduku Kioko

Hardback - 168 pages
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17 May 2004
Multilingual Matters
248 x 168


The collection of papers in this special volume discuss issues and challenges that are pertinent in understanding present-day moves and tendencies in the use of languages in the African contexts. The volume’s major asset lies in the diversity of topics, the range of languages and the African geographical areas covered. Not only do the contributors come from different nations in Africa but also many of them are established scholars who interact with and interpret the unique situations in their nations on a daily basis.

Author Biography:

Dr Margaret Jepkirui Muthwii is a translation consultant with the United Bible Societies and was formerly a senior lecturer in linguistics at Kenyatta University, Kenya. She has published widely on the interaction of indigenous African languages with English and the significant role of these languages in development in Africa.

Dr. Angelina Nduku Kioko, is an assistant Professor of English and Linguistics at the United States International University – Africa. Her most recent research and publications are in the field of language and education in multilingual contexts.

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