Providing Health Care in the Context of Language Barriers International Perspectives Edited by: Elizabeth A. Jacobs, Lisa C. Diamond

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21 Apr 2017
Multilingual Matters
234 x 156


Global migration continues to increase, and with it comes increasing linguistic diversity. This presents obvious challenges for both healthcare provider and patient, and the chapters in this volume represent a range of international perspectives on language barriers in health care. A variety of factors influence the best ways of approaching and overcoming these language barriers, including cultural, geographical, political and practical considerations, and as a result a range of approaches and solutions are suggested and discussed. The authors in this volume discuss a wide range of countries and languages, and cover issues that will be familiar to all healthcare practitioners, including the role of informal interpreters, interpreting in a clinical setting, bilingual healthcare practitioners and working with languages with comparatively small numbers of speakers.


Finally – all the best advice on effective communication in the context of language barriers, all in one place! Health professionals and policymakers alike will find this a useful resource for providing high quality care to diverse populations. Each chapter, authored by leading experts, offers practical guidance for doing just that.

- Romana Hasnain-Wynia, Denver Health, Denver, USA

This book is a 'must-read' for anyone interested in improving health care across linguistic barriers. In a rich array of chapters written by knowledgeable researchers and practitioners from multiple countries, Drs. Jacobs and Diamond have created a valuable resource that provides both theoretical and practical advice. A unique treasure!

- Cynthia E. Roat, International Consultant on Language Access in Health Care, USA

Author Biography:

Elizabeth A. Jacobs is Professor of Medicine and Population Health Sciences and Associate Vice Chair for Health Services Research at the University of Madison-Wisconsin, USA.

Lisa C. Diamond is Assistant Member/Assistant Attending at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities Service, New York, USA.

Readership Level:

Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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