Service Encounters in Tourism, Events and Hospitality Staff Perspectives Author: Miriam Firth

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31 Jan 2020
Aspects of Tourism
Channel View Publications
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This book offers insights into the demands made on staff in service encounters in tourism, events and hospitality roles. Using data from research completed in these industries, it hinges upon storied incidents offered by workers about which the reader can reflect and apply theoretical knowledge. A key feature of this volume is that it focuses on staff perspectives and perceptions of service encounters and delivery rather than on customer or management perspectives. This will provide students, lecturers, management and customers with fresh and clear understandings of the demands made on staff, but also the perspectives from which the demands are seen. The chapters clarify to students how to apply academic knowledge within customer service contexts and include learning objectives, questions and summaries.

Author Biography:

Miriam Firth is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, UK. Her research interests include vocational education and training, employability, culture and event sustainability.

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Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Text

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