Translating Milan Kundera Author: Michelle Woods

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04 May 2006
Topics in Translation
Multilingual Matters
210 x 148

Key features

- First book to deal with issues of translation concerning Kundera

- Kundera moved from writing in Czech (his mother tongue) to French, so language issues are relevant

- Translation, multilingualism and Kundera is a fertile area of research

- It is the first book on Kundera to look at his early Czech work that hasn't been translated


Translating Milan Kundera uses new archival research to view the wider cultural scope of the translation issue involving the controversies surrounding Kundera’s translated novels. It focuses on the language of the novels, Kundera’s ‘lost’ works, writing as translation, interpretation, exile, censorship and the social responses to translated fiction in the Anglophone world.


This is a landmark publication in the area of translation, language and intercultural studies. Michelle Woods’ study highlights the fascinating history of the translation of Milan Kundera’s works and how perceptions of Kundera’s work in the English-speaking world have been crucially mediated by the process of translation. The work offers a detailed and highly insightful account of the reception of Kundera’s work in Anglophone countries and how the social, political and cultural contexts of writing can have a crucial influence on translation choices and strategies. Michelle Woods’ new book means that we now have to rewrite the history of East-West cultural relations in the closing decades of the last history. Michael Cronin

Author Biography:

Michelle Woods is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Translation and Textual Studies, Dublin City University. She has published on translation issues in Czech literature, Irish literature, and film. She is currently co-editing an Encyclopedia of Irish Literature in Translation.

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional, Undergraduate

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