Travel Notes from the New Literacy Studies Instances of Practice Edited by: Kate Pahl, Jennifer Rowsell

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06 Feb 2006
New Perspectives on Language and Education
Multilingual Matters
210 x 148

Key features

- Essential reading for teacher educators, teachers and students of literacy

- Studies look at the intersection between multimodality and New Literary Studies through instances of practice


This book joins two important fields, that of literacy and multimodality, with a focus on local and global literacies. Chapters include work on media, popular culture and literacy, weblogs, global and local crossings, in and out of educational settings in such locations as the US, the UK, South Africa, Australia and Canada.


This book is an excellent edited collection that focuses on the New Literacy Studies as well as, and in relation to, other theoretical orientations. This book does a first-rate job in the way it uses specific instances from the authors’ data to argue that literacy does work in multiple, complex ways.

- Dana J. Wilber, Montclair State University, in E-Learning Volume 3, Number 4

This book is an excellent read because of the quality of its content and the clarity with which its ideas are presented.

- Alex Poole, Western Kentucky University, in Language, Culture and Curriculum 20:1

Pahl and Rowsell have produced a timely theoretical integration that establishes leadership on the cutting edge of literacy research. Travel Notes is a valuable book for any literacy researcher or classroom teacher's library.

- Joanne Larson, Associate Professor and Chair, Teaching and Curriculum University of Rochester

This exciting collection of studies locates the study of literacy in broader communicative practices. Each study is a pleasure to read and takes our understanding forward.

- Dr David Barton, Director, Literacy Research Centre, University of Lancaster

Author Biography:

Kate Pahl is a lecturer in education at the University of Sheffield, is course director of the Ed D in literacy and language at the University of Sheffield. She is the author, with Jennifer Rowsell, of Literacy and Education: Understanding the New Literacy Studies in the Classroom (Sage 2005) and is the author of Transformations: Children’s Meaning Making in a Nursery (Trentham 1999). Jennifer Rowsell is an Assistant Professor of English Education at Rutgers University where she teaches and conducts research in the areas of New Literacy Studies and multiliteracies. She has co-authored Literacy and Education: Understanding the New Literacy Studies in the Classroom (Sage, 2005) with Kate Pahl and The Literacy Principal with David Booth (Pembroke, 2002).

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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