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Changing Creative Writing in America Strengths, Weaknesses, Possibilities

Edited by: Graeme Harper | Paperback | 9781783098804

In this compelling collection of essays contributors critically examine Creative Writing in American Higher Education. Considering Creative Writing teaching, learning and knowledge, the book recognizes historical strengths and weaknesses.…

Language, Education and Neoliberalism Critical Studies in Sociolinguistics

Edited by: Mi-Cha Flubacher, Alfonso Del Percio | Paperback | 9781783098675

This edited volume presents an empirical account of how neoliberal ideas are adopted on the ground by different actors in different educational settings, from bilingual education in the US, to migrant work programmes in Italy, to minority language teaching in Mexico. It examines language and education as objects of neoliberalization and as powerful tools and sites through which ideological principles underpinning neoliberal&#…

Language Learner Autonomy Theory, Practice and Research

Author: David Little, Leni Dam, Lienhard Legenhausen | Paperback | 9781783098583

This is the first book on language learner autonomy to combine comprehensive accounts of classroom practice with empirical and case-study research and a wide-ranging engagement with applied linguistic and pedagogical theory. It provides a detailed description of an autonomy classroom in action, focusing on Danish mixed-ability learners of English at lower secondary level, and reports the findings of a longitudinal research project that…

Crosslinguistic Influence and Distinctive Patterns of Language Learning Findings and Insights from a Learner Corpus

Edited by: Anne Golden, Scott Jarvis, Kari Tenfjord | Hardback | 9781783098767

This book details patterns of language use that can be found in the writing of adult immigrant learners of Norwegian as a second language (L2). Each study draws its data from a single corpus of texts written for a proficiency test of L2 Norwegian by learners representing 10 different first language (L1) backgrounds.…

Narratives of East Asian Women Teachers of English Where Privilege Meets Marginalization

Author: Gloria Park | Hardback | 9781783098729

This book is a powerful narrative of how six women experienced their lives alongside their desire to overcome the challenging and empowering nature of the English language. The volume shares who they are as transnational and mobile women living in the midst of linguistic privilege and marginalization.…

Taking Chinese to the World Language, Culture and Identity in Confucius Institute Teachers

Author: Wei Ye | Hardback | 9781783098637

In this book the author explores the work and living experiences of Confucius Institute Chinese teachers (CICTs) in the UK, how they interpret and make sense of their sojourning experience, and how this context and the wider globalised social environment have impacted on their understandings and their personal growth. Because of their betwixt and between situation, the CICTs’ stories differ from those of other immigrants, interna…

Going Performative in Intercultural Education International Contexts, Theoretical Perspectives and Models of Practice

Edited by: John Crutchfield, Manfred Schewe | Hardback | 9781783098545

Over the last two decades drama pedagogy has helped to lay the foundations for a new teaching and learning culture, one that accentuates physicality and centres on performative experience. Signs of this ‘performative turn’ in education are especially strong in the field of foreign/second language teaching.…

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What is the Future of Creative Writing in America?

This month we published Changing Creative Writing in America edited by Graeme Harper. In this post, Graeme explains the inspiration behind the book. Not much more than a teenager, and long before I had even visited the USA, I read the recollections of Malcolm Bradbury and William Golding, both later knighted for their work in British letters, […]

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