Reviving Catalan at School: Challenges and Instructional Approaches

Edited by: Joaquim Arnau

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Multilingual Matters
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This book presents a comprehensive picture of languages and schools in Catalan-speaking countries, making much of the information available in English for the first time. The chapters examine multiple aspects of the language situation in these countries, including: the recovery of Catalan in schools; the position and status of the majority languages (English and Spanish); language-in-education policies in a multilingual, multicultural context; the possibility of multilingual competence; and the successes and failures of instructional processes.

A multilingual environment creates complex situations when teaching oral communication and literacy. The Catalan language is not only an element of identity, but also an example of a linguistic milieu affording immersion into an integrated language model. Catalan, Spanish and English are presented as a model of multilingualism. This book deals with good practices and the challenges encountered therein.

Emili Soro-Camats, University of Barcelona, Spain

This book will be an excellent resource for scholars, educators, and policy-makers involved in language planning and acquisition.

Jordan Lavender, University at Albany, in Linguist List 25.2317

Joaquim Arnau is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology, University of Barcelona. He has published widely on bilingual education and second language learning in Catalan.

Introduction - Joaquim Arnau Chapter 1 - Joaquim Arnau and Francesc Xavier Vila: Language-in-education Policies in the Catalan Language Area Chapter 2 - Àngel Huguet, Jose-Luis Navarro, Silvia-Maria Chireac and Clara Sansó: The Acquisition of Catalan by Migrant Children. The Effect of Length of Stay and Family Language Chapter 3 - Mireia Trenchs-Parera and Adriana Patiño-Santos: Language Attitudes of Latin American Newcomers in Three Secondary School Reception Classes in Catalonia Chapter 4 - Núria Castells, Isabel Solé, Cristina Luna, Eva Lordán, Esther Nadal, Mariana Miras and Sandra Espino: Training a Primary Education Teacher to Teach Expository Text Comprehension Strategies Chapter 5 - Joaquim Arnau, Haridian M. de Aysa and Sonia Jarque: Teacher Training in Literacy Instruction and Academic Achievement in a Multilingual Classroom Chapter 6 - Aneska Ortega, Júlia Coromina and Ana Teberosky: Production of Texts with Multimodal Resources by Two Groups of Primary Education Students Chapter 7 - Oriol Guasch Boyé: Interlinguistic Reflection on Teaching and Learning Languages Chapter 8 - Cristina Escobar Urmeneta and Natalia Evnitskaya: Affording Students Opportunities for the Integrated Learning of Content and Language: A Contrastive Study on Classroom Interactional Strategies Deployed by Two CLIL Teachers Chapter 9 - Rosa Maria Ramírez & Teresa Serra: Integrated Languages Project
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