Towards a Poetics of Creative Writing

Author: Dominique Hecq

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This book offers an in-depth study of the poetics of creative writing as a subject in the dramatically changing context of practice as research, taking into account the importance of the subjectivity of the writer as researcher. It explores creative writing and theory while offering critical antecedents, theoretical directions and creative interchanges. The book narrows the focus on psychoanalysis, particularly with regard to Lacan and creative practice, and demonstrates that creative writing is research in its own right. The poetics at stake neither denotes the study or the techniques of poetry, but rather the means by which writers formulate and discuss attitudes to their work.

Dominique Hecq is Associate Professor in Writing at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. Dominique is also Editor of Bukker Tillibul: The Online Journal of Practice-Led Research.

1 What Poetics for Creative Writing?
2 Critical Antecedents, Theoretical Directions
3 Obituaries, Contestations, Proclamations: The Theory Question
4 Craft, Knowledge, Theory, and the Designing of Poetics
5 Styling the Subject of Creative Writing
6 The Ego in the Mirror
7 Between Thought and the Real in Creative Writing and Philosophy
8 Inking the In-between
9 On Experiential Knowing as Creative Writing Research Mode
10 Dramatic Encounters: Language, Craft, Theory
11 Food for Thought: Investigating Aesthetic Care
12 Poetics of Autogenesis: On Becoming and the Canon
Afterword: Poetic (a)Topos

Postgraduate, Research / Professional
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