Linguistic Diversity and Language Rights Collection (Vols 1-10)

Edited by: Tove Skutnabb-Kangas

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Multilingual Matters
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The series seeks to promote multilingualism as a resource, the maintenance of linguistic diversity, and development of and respect for linguistic human rights worldwide through the dissemination of theoretical and empirical research. The series encourages interdisciplinary approaches to language policy, drawing on sociolinguistics, education, sociology, economics, human rights law, political science, as well as anthropology, psychology, and applied language studies. Publications analysing successful attempts to promote linguistic diversity and theoretical analyses of alternative paradigms in conceptualising and implementing change in language policy are welcomed. This set contains the first ten volumes of the series. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

LDLR 1: Medium or Message? 9781853597237

LDLR 2: Imagining Multilingual Schools 9781853598951

LDLR 3: Minority Languages and Cultural Diversity in Europe 9781853599323

LDLR 4: Global Issues in Language, Education and Development 9781853599521

LDLR 5: Regional Nationalism in Spain 9781853599804

LDLR 6: Language Allegiances and Bilingualism in the US 9781847691781

LDLR 7: Social Justice through Multilingual Education 9781847691903

LDLR 8: Illegitimate Practices 9781847693075

LDLR 9: English Language as Hydra 9781847697509

LDLR 10: Revitalising Indigenous Languages 9781847698889

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