Going Performative in Intercultural Education: International Contexts, Theoretical Perspectives and Models of Practice

Edited by: John Crutchfield, Manfred Schewe

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Over the last two decades drama pedagogy has helped to lay the foundations for a new teaching and learning culture, one that accentuates physicality and centres on performative experience. Signs of this 'performative turn' in education are especially strong in the field of foreign/second language teaching. This volume introduces scholars, language teachers, student teachers and drama practitioners to the concept of a performative foreign language didactics. Approaching the subject from a wide variety of contexts, the contributors explore the extent to which performative approaches, emphasising the role of the body as a learning medium, can achieve deep intercultural learning. Drama activities such as improvisation, hot seating and tableaux are shown to create rich opportunities for intercultural encounters that transport students beyond the parameters of conventional language, literature and culture education.

This is a thought-provoking collection that provides a series of rich insights into the way intercultural education is enhanced by performative approaches. It makes a significant contribution to the field. The variety of perspectives from different countries and contexts, and the open, enquiring tone means that the book itself embodies some of the key principles of interculturality.

Mike Fleming, Durham University, UK

A most timely publication, Going Performative in Intercultural Education provides important impulses for thought and action. Crutchfield and Schewe have compiled an impressive collection of theoretical and practical approaches by international scholars, practitioners, teacher trainers, and artists. The contributions demonstrate the transformative potential that 'going performative' possesses for intercultural education.

Barbara Schmenk, University of Waterloo, Canada

This book is an important contribution to performative education, introducing the reader to the theories and practices of this complementary or alternative teaching and learning approach [...] These empirical studies provide positive results suggesting that the traditional approaches used worldwide could or should be completed by more holistic experiences.

Études en Didactique des Langues, No. 34

John Crutchfield is a theatre artist and lecturer in the Department of Didactics, Institute for English Language and Literature, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

Manfred Schewe is Head of the Department of Drama and Theatre Studies at University College Cork, Ireland. He is the founding editor of SCENARIO (http://scenario.ucc.ie), a bilingual Online Journal for Performative Teaching, Learning, Research.

John Crutchfield and Manfred Schewe: Introduction

I: First Impressions

1. Magdalena Haftner and Alexander Riedmüller: The Intercultural Surprise – Teaching Improvisational Theatre in Different Cultural Contexts

II: Focus on Schools (Immigrant/Refugee Children)

2. Katja Frimberger: The Ethics of Performative Approaches in Intercultural Education

3. Evi Kompiadou, Antonis Lenakakis and Roula Tsokalidou: Diadrasis – An Interactive Project on Language Teaching to Immigrant Families in a Greek School

4. Joëlle Aden: Developing Empathy through Theatre – A Transcultural Perspective in Second Language Education

III: Focus on Teacher Training

5. Micha Fleiner: Interculturality in Foreign Language Teacher Training – Performing Arts Projects across National, Language and Cultural Borders

6. Almut Küppers: Exploring Diversity through Drama Education – English-Turkish Perspectives on National German Stereotypes in Foreign Language Teacher Training

7. John Crutchfield and Michaela Sambanis: Staging Otherness – Three New Empirical Studies in Dramapädagogik with Relevance for Intercultural Learning in the Foreign Language Classroom

IV: Focus on Specific Performative Approaches: Process Drama and Playback Theatre

8. Julia Rothwell: Using Process Drama to Engage Beginner Learners in Intercultural Language Learning

9. Erika Piazzoli: Intercultural/Dramatic Tension and the Nature of Intercultural Engagement

V: Focus on Performance and Biography

10. Daniel Feldhendler: Enacting Life: Dialogue and Mediation in Cross Cultural Contexts

11. Jane Arnfield: Suitcase of Survival – Performance, Biography and Intercultural Education

VI: Performative Approaches to Intercultural Education – A Culture-Specific Perspective

12. Eucharia Donnery: The Intercultural Journey – Drama-Based Practitioners in JFL in North America, and JSL and EFL in Japan

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