Creativity and Innovations in ELT Materials Development: Looking Beyond the Current Design

Edited by: Dat Bao

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This book brings together renowned scholars and new voices to challenge current practices in ELT materials design in order to work towards optimal learning conditions. It proposes ideas and principles to improve second language task design through novel resources such as drama, poetry, literature and online resources; and it maps out a number of unusual connections between theory and practice in the field of ELT materials development. The first section of the book discusses how innovative task-writing ideas can stretch materials beyond the current quality to make them more original and inspiring; the second part examines how different arts and technologies can drive innovation in coursebooks; the third section describes how teachers and learners can participate in materials writing and negotiate ways to personalize learning.

This book brings new and exciting ingredients into the materials design mix, such as learner-centred visuals and process drama. Its contributors, representing the many faces of the ELT profession, include both loved ELT 'greats' and the fresh perspectives of new practitioners. Together they invite us to revisit what we know, or think we know, about ELT materials, and to re-assess the design tension between constraint and creative possibility.

Jane Spiro, Oxford Brookes University, UK

This volume provides a fresh and original look at ELT materials development that goes beyond the general view of the field. The various chapters provide a wealth of information and ways of developing ELT materials that will be useful for materials writers and teachers. The book is user-friendly and well-organized, and the 13 chapters are clearly written. I highly recommend it to ELT professionals.

Richard Day, University of Hawaii, USA

This accessible edited book should be essential reading for ELT methods and materials courses and for programmes in teacher development to inspire flexibility, creativity and innovative learner involvement in a comprehensive range of classroom practices.

Martin Cortazzi, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China; University of Warwick, UK

[This book] is delivered in an engaging and insightful manner and the chapters piece together nicely. It encourages readers to consider the importance of creativity, for both teachers and learners, because it can nurture individuality
and expression throughout the language learning process. The volume keeps the learner at its core and shows the importance of using contextually based (self-)
developed materials, but also displays how both teachers and learners can express agency when using materials developed by third parties.

TESOL Journal, March 2020

[...] the process of materials delivery, adaptation and development needs to be well aligned to bring out the optimal learning impact. Along this line, [this book] represents a good source of support for these meaningful endeavours. I would
highly recommend it to academic scholars and classroom practitioners alike.

Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration, Volume 3, Number 2

I welcome this book as an important contribution to the ever-increasing materials development literature. It holds the possibility to stimulate both ELT practitioners and materials writers who would like to diverge from the current practice of materials design.

TESOL Quarterly, Volume 53, Issue 1

This volume presents an impressive repertoire of ideas, theory-driven and proven in practice, and convincingly argues for the need to prioritise innovation and creativity in task design. Through concrete examples in a range of contexts, coursebook developers and teachers are shown inspiring ways of facilitating the learning process.

IATEFL VOICES 268 – May/June 2019

The book is a welcome addition to the field of materials design and helps bring new perspectives from practitioner-based observations and pedagogy [...] The key strength of the collection is certainly the varied contexts and perspectives from which the authors derive their content. Showing how practice differs across cultures and education settings offers the chance to share insightful innovation amongst practitioners and researchers.

JALT Journal, 42.2, Nov 2020

Dat Bao is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia. He is the author of Understanding Silence and Reticence: Ways of Participating in Second Language Acquisition (Bloomsbury, 2014). 

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1. Dat Bao: Expanding the Discourse in ELT Materials Development through Creativity and Innovations

Part A - Improving In ELT Materials Through Creative Pedagogies

2. Brian Tomlinson: Making Typical Coursebook Activities More Beneficial For the Learner

3. Alan Maley: Creative Materials: An Oxymoron?

4. Dat Bao: Materials for Creativity: A Constructivist Perspective

5. Dat Bao and Ranran Liu: Incorporating Creativity in Primary English Coursebooks

6. Tan Bee Tin: Promoting Autonomy through Creative Tasks: Broadening Possibilities within Constraints

Part B - Improving In ELT Materials through Specific Resources

7. Hae-Ok Park: ELT Materials Using Process Drama

8. Paul Hullah: Living in the Materials World: Why Literature Has A Place Here

9. Dat Bao and Xiaofang Shang: ICT Integration in Second Language Materials: Challenges and Insights

10. Flora D. Floris, Willy A. Renandya and Dat Bao: Mining Online L2 Learning Resources: From SLA Principles to Innovative Task Design

Part C – Improving In ELT Materials through Teacher and Learner Involvement

11. Rajeevnath Ramnath: Localizing the Genre-Based Approach: Materials Developing Lessons from Thailand

12. Dat Bao: Fostering Self-Expression: Learners Create Their Own Visuals

13. Mohammod Moninoor Roshid, Md Zulfeqar Haider and Hosne Ara Begum: Bangladeshi EFL Teachers' Views On The English For Today Textbook: What Do They Have To Offer Inside The Classroom?


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