Early Professional Development in EFL Teaching: Perspectives and Experiences from Japan

Author: Chitose Asaoka

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This book examines the perspectives and experiences of student teachers who are in the process of becoming secondary school English teachers in Japan. It reports on the trainee teachers' attitudes towards theory and practice in their professional development. Through a discussion of what professional expertise should look like in this context, the book identifies the challenges faced by the Initial Teacher Education (ITE) system in Japan, and suggests support and mediational activities that should be included as components of the ITE curriculum. The book contains valuable rich descriptions of trainee teachers' experiences, and will be of interest to those working in EFL both in Japan and elsewhere.

Asaoka has ethnographically, psychologically, and socially described the early professional development of preservice EFL teachers in Japan in ways that will help teacher-trainers globally facilitate their own training courses. Readers will especially appreciate Asaoka's detailed case studies which show the needs of new teachers and possible interventions at various stages.

Tim Murphey, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan

This book is a valuable and important addition to the EFL initial teacher education literature. Its focus on understanding the challenges of language teacher education in Japan is also of high relevance for other settings providing initial language teacher education programs. Part of its value lies in its recognition that teacher education approaches must be highly context-sensitive, and for this reason the book will make essential reading for teacher educators and researchers worldwide.

Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher, University of Vienna, Austria

This book makes a thoughtful, important contribution to the initial teacher education of English language teachers in Japan both in theoretical and practical terms. Based on an empirical study, the work provides very interesting insights into the student teacher experience and their implications for both teacher educators and the future of teacher education.

Shirley Lawes, UCL Institute of Education, UK

Chitose Asaoka is a Professor in the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dokkyo University, Japan. Her research interests include teacher education and professional development.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Educational Reforms in Japan

Chapter 3. Professional Development in Initial Teacher Education             

Chapter 4. Teaching Culture in Japan      

Chapter 5. Case Studies

Chapter 6. Preservice Teachers' Perspectives on Teaching            

Chapter 7. Factors that Affect Initial Teacher Education  

Chapter 8. Mediational Tools: Narrowing the Gap between Theory and Practice 

Chapter 9. A Critical Reflection: Professional Development in Initial Teacher Education in Japan

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