The Tourism Area Life Cycle, Vol.2: Conceptual and Theoretical Issues

Edited by: Richard Butler

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This volume consists of specially invited chapters by leading researchers who have reviewed the original model in the light of their own and other conceptual and theoretical positions and models. The book is divided into five sections, the conceptual origins of the TALC, spatial relationships and the TALC, alternative conceptual approaches, renewing or retiring with the TALC, and predicting with the TALC. The book concludes with a review of the future potential of the model in the area of the destination development process.

Richard Butler has researched tourism from a geographical perspective for over forty years in Canada and the UK. He is most well known for his adaptation of the life cycle model to tourist destination, and has also published widely on sustainable tourism, and tourism development and impacts.

Introduction by Michael Hall THE CONCEPTUAL ORIGINS OF THE TALC -R.W.Butler 1. The Ontological Foundation of the TALC - C.S. Johnston; 2. Legitimising the TALC as a Theory of Development and Change - K.M. Haywood; SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS AND THE TALC - R.W. Butler; 3. Enigma Variations? The TALC, Marketing Models and the Descendants of the Product Life Cycle - T.E.Coles; 4. TALC and the Spatial Implications of Competition - A. Papatheodorou; 5. Space-Time Accessibility and the TALC - C.M.Hall ALTERNATIVE CONCEPTUAL APPROACHES AND THE TALC - R.W. Butler; 6. The Contribution of Entrepreneurship Theory to the TALC Model - R.Russell; 7. The TALC and Protected Natural Areas - S. Weizenegger; 8. Time Path Analysis and TALC Stage Demarcation - S. Lundtorp and S. Wanhill; 9. The Implications of Lamarckian Theory for the TALC - N. Ravenscroft and I. Hadjihambi; 10. Chaos Theory and its application to the TALC - R. Russell RENEWING OR RETIRING WITH THE TALC - R.W.Butler; 11. The Anatomy of the Rejuvenation Stage of the TALC - C.Cooper; 12. Coastal Resort Restructuring and the TALC - S. Agarwal; 13. Revisiting the TALC – Is there any off-Ramp? - T.G. Baum PREDICTING WITH THE TALC - R.W. Butler; 14. How to Define, Identify and Monitor the Decline of Tourist Destinations - M.Manente and H. Pechlaner; 15. The Predictive Potential of the TALC - E. Berry THE FUTURE OF THE TALC - R.W.Butler

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