Tourism and Cultural Change Collection (Vols 1-15)

Edited by: Mike Robinson, Alison Phipps

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This set includes the first 15 volumes of the Tourism and Cultural Change series. This series explores the complex and ever-changing relationships between tourism and culture(s). It focuses on the ways that places, peoples, pasts, and ways of life are increasingly shaped, transformed, created and packaged for touristic purposes. It examines the ways tourism makes and re-makes cultural capital in its various guises (visual and performing arts, crafts, festivals, built heritage, cuisine etc.) and the multifarious political, economic, social and ethical issues that are raised as a consequence. The series also explores the emergence and trajectories of tourism as a spatial and temporally located form and set of represented actions and behaviours within various cultural contexts. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

TCC 15 Youth Tourism to Israel ISBN 978-1-84541-085-8
TCC 14 Royal Tourism ISBN 978-1-84541-081-0
TCC 13 Backpacker Tourism ISBN 978-1-84541-078-0
TCC 12 Tourism, Culture and Development ISBN 978-1-84541-070-4
TCC 11 Tea and Tourism ISBN 978-1-84541-057-5
TCC 10 Learning the Arts of Linguistic Survival ISBN 978-1-84541-054-4
TCC 9 Tourism in the Middle East ISBN 978-1-84541-051-3
TCC 8 Festivals, Tourism and Social Change ISBN 978-1-84541-048-3
TCC 7 Cultural Tourism in a Changing World ISBN 978-1-84541-044-5
TCC 6 Histories of Tourism ISBN 978-1-84541-032-2
TCC 5 Discourse, Communication and Tourism ISBN 978-1-84541-020-9
TCC 4 Tourism and Intercultural Exchange ISBN 978-1-84541-018-6
TCC 3 The Global Nomad ISBN 978-1-87315-077-1
TCC 2 Tourism, Globalisation and Cultural Change ISBN 978-1-87315-072-6
TCC 1 Irish Tourism ISBN 978-1-87315-054-2

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