Zoos and Tourism: Conservation, Education, Entertainment?

Edited by: Warwick Frost

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Zoos are important and popular tourist attractions. Spread around the world, they are typically located in major cities, with visitation levels comparable to other major attractions. Nature-based attractions constructed in artificial settings, they face the challenge of trying to balance potentially conflicting aims of conservation, education and entertainment. The best are continually developing fresh and effective techniques on visitor interpretation and management, the worst highlight the manipulation of animals for human gratification. Taking a global approach, this book examines the problems and paradoxes of zoos as they try to balance their roles as visitor attractions while repositioning themselves as leading conservation agencies.

This book provides a detailed and critical examination of the conflicting roles and identities of the modern zoo from a tourism perspective and as such reminds us that zoos are as much about the people who visit them as about the animals that they display. At a time when they are under continual critical scrutiny, this book delivers a fresh approach to our understanding and appreciation of zoos and of the challenges and opportunities that they face as they strive to remain relevant within modern society.

Andrew Tribe, University of Queensland, Australia

This book, edited by Frost (La Trobe Univ., Australia), fills a long-standing gap in the tourism literature by examining the complex relationship between zoos (including aquariums) and tourism....The book sets a positive tone by showing that tourism can and should play an active role in transforming zoos into institutions of nature conservation. This, in turn, contributes to meaningful visitor experiences--a key output of sustainable nature-based tourism. This book has ce11ainly built a foundation for future tourism research and practice involving zoos and aquariums. It will serve very well as a primary or supplemental resource in tourism and conservation courses. Summing Up: Highly recommended.

Y-F. Leung, North Carolina State University in CHOICE, September 2011

Overall, 'Zoos and tourism' fulfils its aims and is a very useful book for anyone who is starting research, or for someone who wants to get new ideas about, potential research topics in zoo tourism, especially with regards to the conflicting roles of zoos in conservation, education and entertainment.

Dirk Reiser, Cologne Business School, Germany in Annals of Leisure Research, 15:1 (2012), 112-113

Warwick Frost is an Associate Professor at La Trobe University, Australia. His research interests include natural and cultural heritage and the interplay between tourism and popular culture. His recent publications include Books and Travel (with Jennifer Laing, 2012).

Chapter 1: Re-Thinking Zoos and Tourism - Warwick Frost

Theme 1: Conservation

Chapter 2: Zootourism and the Conservation of Threatened Species: A Collaborative Program in the Philippines - Corazon Catibog-Sinha

Chapter 3: A Typology of Animal Displays in Captive Settings - Amir Shani and Abraham Pizam

Chapter 4: Ecotourism and the Commodification of Wildlife: Animal Welfare and the Ethics of Zoos - Stephen Wearing and Chantelle Jobberns

Chapter 5: The Rhetoric Versus the Reality: A Critical Examination of the Zoo Proposition - Liam Smith, Betty Weiler and Sam Ham

Chapter 6: Conservation, Education or Entertainment: What Really Matters to Zoo Visitors? - Sharon Linke and Caroline Winter

Theme 2: New Directions

Chapter 7: Fun, Fascination and Fear: Exploring the Construction and Consumption of Aquarium Shark Exhibits - John Dobson

Chapter 8: Singapore Zoo and Night Safari - Joan Henderson

Chapter 9: Heterogeneous Spaces of Tourism and Recreation at Mumbai Zoo, India - Kevin Hannam

Chapter 10: Zoos as tourist attractions: theme parks, protected areas or museums? - Warwick Frost

Theme 3: The Visitor Experience

Chapter 11: Up Close and Personal: Rethinking Zoos and the Experience Economy - Warwick Frost and Jennifer Laing

Chapter 12: Feeding Time at the Zoo: Food Service and Attraction Management - Phillipp Boksberger, Markus Shuckert and Richard Robinson

Chapter 13: The Value of Zoo Volunteer Programs - Kirsten Holmes and Karen Smith

Chapter 14: I Can't Look: Disgust as a Factor in the Zoos Experience - Nancy Cushing and Kevin Markwell

Chapter 15: Visitor Expectations and Visit Satisfaction at Zoos - Gary Crilley Theme 4: Media

Chapter 16: Zoos and the Media - Peter Mason

Chapter 17: Zoos Victoria: Branding, Marketing and Designing Multi-Location Zoos - Leanne White

Chapter 18: From Winnie-the-Pooh to Madagascar: Fictional Media Images of the Zoo Experience - Warwick Frost Conclusion

Chapter 19: Zoos and Tourism in a Changing World - Warwick Frost

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