Inside City Tourism: A European Perspective

Author: John Heeley

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Cities are the dominant geographical focus of business and leisure tourism travel, and cities everywhere are regenerating and reinventing themselves so as to attract visitors, students and investment. Inside City Tourism explores the organisational challenges to which this gives rise, and in particular examines the history, structure and functioning of the urban delivery mechanisms set up to raise profile and maximise tourism. The book is written by the Chief Executive Officer of European Cities Marketing who – as a former tourism academic and city marketing professional – is uniquely placed to synthesise academic and practical insights and to provide a distinctively European overview. While cities increasingly seek to differentiate themselves through brands, events and iconic structures, the approaches, techniques and language used by cities to promote themselves is remarkably similar across the length and breadth of Europe. Never before published case material exemplifies best practice in city marketing, with the greater part of leading edge practice to be found in Scandinavia, Holland, Germany, Austria and Spain. Inside City Tourism 'tells it like it is', uncovering the pitfalls and failures as well as the opportunities and successes, and the attendant leadership challenges. It is essential reading for practitioners and policymakers as well as students and academics.

This book provides a great insight to city tourism, both for practitioners and for academics. Written by an academic/practitioner, it sets the background and context to city tourism, but perhaps more importantly it illustrates its subject with up-to-date examples from across Europe. The end result is a very readable, informative and authoritative text.

An innovative 'cross-over' text, written with a sound academic footing - but from the practitioner's perspective and eye for the relevant. Heeley perceptively draws on his wealth of experience, incorporating an array of pertinent examples and case material to support, elaborate and illuminate his considered stance.

Inside City Tourism: A European Perspective is a comprehensive and innovative book that represents a valuable resource for students, academics and practitioners alike. Of particular appeal is its analysis of the subject through the use of up-to-date examples, revealing success stories, pitfalls, and examples of best practice from across Europe. This book offers a collection of theoretical discussions and practical case studies that is highly recommended.

Tourism Planning & Development, Vol. 9, No. 2, 211–212, May 2012

Dr John Heeley is currently Chief Executive Officer of European Cities Marketing – a network of tourist offices and convention bureaux drawn from Europe's leading cities who meet on a regular basis to benchmark and exchange best practice.  Following his doctoral studies at the University of East Anglia, John lectured in tourism at Strathclyde Business School (1978-1990) before leaving academia to set up city marketing organisations for Sheffield, Coventry, Birmingham and Nottingham.  In 2009 he established Best Destination Marketing as a vehicle within which to pursue consultancy, teaching and writing activities.

PREFACE – Why a book on city tourism?


CHAPTER 1 Organising city tourism

CHAPTER 2 Measuring city tourism

CHAPTER 3 The dynamics of city tourism


CHAPTER 4 City tourism organisation: structure and operations

CHAPTER 5 Setting up and leading city marketing agencies

CHAPTER 6 City tourism organisation case study: York, United Kingdom


CHAPTER 7 The problematic nature of city branding

CHAPTER 8 City branding in the Netherlands


CHAPTER 9 Whither city tourism and city tourism organisation?

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