Sustainable Space Tourism: An Introduction

Author: Annette Toivonen

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This book explores the relationship between space tourism and the discourse in sustainability and futures research. It offers comprehensive information on the current understanding of the space tourism industry and assesses the possible impacts of space tourism on the environment, economics, legislation and society. The volume aims to encourage more dialogue and critical examinations of aspects of space tourism related to future sustainability. From data gathered from empirical research, it provides a vision for the future of sustainable space tourism. It will be of interest to students and researchers in tourism, sustainability and futures studies, as well as individual space tourist 'hopefuls', space tourism industry operators and tourism policy regulators.

This timely and comprehensive book takes us on an intriguing journey, successfully capturing the exciting anticipation of space tourism while at the same time highlighting the many potential challenges for the natural, social and political environments likely to be encountered in the harnessing of space travel as the ultimate tourist activity.

Rob Davidson, University of Greenwich, UK

Futures arguments are brave endeavours; forgotten and considered irrelevant quickly if proven wrong, but visionary classics if proven right – my bet: this book falls into the second category. In a time where negative impacts stemming from tourism activities seriously challenge earth's wellbeing, this book combines space tourism, sustainability, and futures research in a comprehensive and convincing manner. A 'must-read' for tree-hugging 'Doctor Who' fans like myself.

Johan R. Edelheim, Hokkaido University, Japan

Annette Toivonen is a space tourism lecturer at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Her research interests include space tourism, sustainable development, futures foresight, Arctic tourism and service design.


Chapter 1. Introducing Space Tourism

Chapter 2. Background to Sustainability  

Chapter 3. Futures Forecasting

Chapter 4. Planning Sustainable Space Tourism

Chapter 5. Space Tourism and Society

Chapter 6. Economics and Space Legislation  

Chapter 7. Visions of Sustainable Space Tourism

Concluding Words

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