Becoming Interculturally Competent through Education and Training

Edited by: Anwei Feng, Michael Byram, Mike Fleming

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The development of intercultural competence is the avowed purpose of teachers/trainers in commercial training and further and higher education, and yet the approaches are often seen as different and even in opposition. This book shows that there is complementarity in 'education' and 'training' in theory and in practice. The first group of chapters focuses on analysis of intercultural experience and the competence needed to be successful in that experience. The following chapters describe the practice of courses in both commercial and educational contexts where it becomes evident that 'education' and 'training' are indeed complementary without denying the tensions which exist and the expectations different learner groups may have. This book is thus not simply another discussion of the theory of interculturality but a juxtaposition of theory and practice to the benefit of both.

This anthology is another major achievement from the 'Durham team' and is by far their most honest and balanced volume in terms of theory, research and practice. The contributions, skillfully weaved together, offer thought-provoking and inspiring coverage of many untrodden paths of the vital scholarship on intercultural competence. A must read!

A wide variety of contexts from HE, initial teacher education, intercultural training, SMEs, management contexts, NHS and workplace diversity training are all represented here and this broader cultural and social base to the volume is one of its particular strengths. Often the discourse gets ghettoized into one of those listed and it is exciting to see these brought together so well.

Although this book, Becoming Interculturally Competent through Education and Training, is the only book in the series that I have read, if it is indicative of the others in its balance of theory and practice and the depth and honesty of its narrative, I will gladly add the others to my library.

dialogin, February 2010

Anwei Feng is Reader in education at University of Wales, Bangor and has research interests in intercultural studies and bilingualism in education.

Mike Byram is Professor Emeritus in Education at the University of Durham with research interest in policy and practice in intercultural education and language teaching.

Mike Fleming is Professor of Education at Durham University with research interests in drama and arts education as well as intercultural education.

Foreword - Adrian Holliday

Foreword - Anne Davidson-Lund

Introduction – Education and Training: Becoming Interculturally Competent - Mike Fleming

Part 1 – Investigations of intercultural encounters and learning

Chapter 1 – Cultures of organisations meet ethno-linguistic cultures: narratives in job interviews - Celia Roberts

Chapter 2 – Exporting the multiple market experience and the SME intercultural paradigm - Terry Mughan

Chapter 3 – Evolving intercultural identity during living and studying abroad: Five Mexican women graduate students - Phyllis Ryan

Chapter 4 – Becoming interculturally competent in a third space - Anwei Feng Part 2 – Reflections on teaching and learning programmes

Chapter 5 – A Critical Perspective on Teaching Intercultural Competence in a Management Department - Gavin Jack

Chapter 6 – Applying the principles: Instruments for intercultural business training - Barry Tomalin

Chapter 7 – Intercultural teacher: A case study of a course - Ulla Lundgren

Chapter 8 – Using "Human Global Positioning System" as a Navigation Tool to the Hidden Dimension of Culture - Claudia Finkbeiner

Chapter 9 – Professional training: creating intercultural space in the multi-ethnic workplaces - Catharine Arakelian

Chapter 10 – The pragmatics of intercultural competence in Education and Training: A cross-national experiment on 'Diversity Management' - M. Guilherme, Glaser, E. and Mendez-Garcia, M.C. Afterword – Education, Training and Becoming Critical - Mike Byram

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