Communication Disorders in Turkish

Edited by: Seyhun Topbaş, Mehmet Yavaş

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Multilingual Matters
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This volume is the first to deal with Turkish communicative development and disorders, reflecting the use of Turkish by a sizeable population in multilingual settings in Europe, USA, and Australia. In addition to Speech-language Pathologists, the book will be of interest to professionals from related fields such as clinical linguistics, psychology, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, audiology, and special education. This book presents a compendium of information about the profession of speech-language pathology, cultural differences, assessment materials and research done in communication disorders in Turkey. It also covers acquisition and disorders in multilingual contexts where there is significant Turkish immigration.

Communication Disorders in Turkish is the most comprehensive overview of this topic ever written. Each chapter author has skillfully translated research to guide clinical practice. Speech-language pathologists and audiologists within Turkey, and in the many countries where Turkish people live, will find the breadth and depth of information to be impressive.

Communication Disorders in Turkish elevates the field of speech-language pathology for Turkish-speaking individuals to a new level. The book will certainly become a mainstay resource for speech-language pathologists, educational audiologists, and even deaf educators who care for Turkish-speaking children and adults with speech or language disorders and differences. It will also appeal to clinical and scientific professionals across the international community, especially those in Europe, Australia, and North America, where millions of bilingual Turkish families have made their homes.

Seyhun TopbaşŸ is professor of Speech & Language Pathology at Anadolu University, Turkey. She is one of the pioneers of Speech and Language Pathology profession in Turkey; the founder of the graduate programs in Speech and Language Therapy and DILKOM (Education, Research and Training Centre for Speech and Language Pathology) at Anadolu University. Dr. Topbas has developed the first standardized Turkish Articulation and Phonology Test and published on phonological disorders in a variety of books and journals. She is currently on the editorial board of Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics.

Mehmet Yavaş is professor of Linguistics at Florida International University, Miami, Florida. His main area is phonology and its application to language acquisition and to speech and language disorders. His articles on Applied Phonology have appeared in numerous journals. He is the principal author of Avaliaçao Fonologica da Criança (a phonological assessment procedure for Brazilian Portuguese). His other publications are Phonological Disorders in Children (Routledge, 1991), First and Second Language Phonology (Singular, 1994), Phonology: Development and Disorders (Singular 1998), Applied English Phonology (Blackwell, 2006).

PART I Prologue

Chapter 1: A Closer Look at the Developing Profession of Speech and Language Pathology - Seyhun Topbaş

Chapter 2: The Sound Inventory of Turkish: Consonants and Vowels - Handan Kopkallı-Yavuz

Chapter 3: Some Structural Characteristics of Turkish - Mehmet Yavaş

PART II Communication Development and Disorders in Monolingual Settings

Chapter 4: Normal Language Development in Turkish - Ayhan Aksu-Koç

Chapter 5: MLU as a Tool for Morphological Assessment in Turkish Children - Pınar Ege

Chapter 6: Turkish SALT: Computer Assisted Language Sample Analysis - Funda Acarlar and Judith Johnston

Chapter 7: Specific Language Impairment in Turkish: Adapting the TELD-3 as a First Step in Measuring Language Impairments - Seyhun Topbaş

Chapter 8: Speech Characteristics of Hearing Impaired Turkish Children - Ümran Tüfekçioğlu

Chapter 9: Language Characteristics of Hearing Impaired Turkish Children - Ümran Tüfekçioğlu

Chapter 10: Characteristics of Aphasia in Turkish - İlknur Maviş

Chapter 11: Semantic Relatedness Judgments in Normal Turkish-English Bilinguals - İlknur Maviş and Swathi Kiran

PART III Communication Disorders in Multilingual Settings

Chapter 12: Aspects of Acquisition and Disorders in Turkish-Dutch Bilingual Children - Kutlay Yağmur and Elma Nap-Koff

Chapter 13: Language Impairment in Turkish-Dutch Bilingual Children - Jan de Jong, Nazife Çavuş and Anne Baker

Chapter 14: Measuring the Language Abilities of Turkish-English Bilingual Children Using TELD-3-T - Theodoros Marinis and Duygu Özge

Chapter 15: Aspects of Language Acquisition and Disorders in Turkish-French Bilingual Children - Mehmet Ali Akıncı and Nathalie Decool-Mercier

Chapter 16: Specific Language Impairment in Turkish-German Bilingual Children: Aspects of Assessment and Outcome - Solveig Chilla and Ezel Babür

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