Dyslexia in the Foreign Language Classroom

Author: Joanna Nijakowska

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Multilingual Matters
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This book addresses specific learning difficulties in reading and spelling – developmental dyslexia. Set in the cross-linguistic context, it presents issues surrounding dyslexia from the perspective of a foreign language teacher. It is intended to serve as a reference book for those involved in foreign language teaching, including experienced in-service teachers and novice teachers, as well as teacher trainers and trainees. It offers an up-to-date and reader-friendly study of the mechanisms of dyslexia and an overview of the current research on the disorder, in theoretical and practical terms. Its aim is to help teachers tackle one of the many challenges they face in the modern classroom: the organization of an effective foreign language teaching process for students with dyslexia.

The book is informed by wide consideration of current knowledge in the dyslexia field, viewing dyslexia from an interdisciplinary perspective and considering language learning abilities to be on a continuum. Nijakowska presents a comprehensive overview of past and current thinking and research on dyslexia as it relates to the learning of a foreign language. With some novel approaches based on sound examination of recent findings, Nijakowska links research to practice to produce one of the most comprehensive books in the field.

Joanna Nijakowska is Assistant Professor in the Institute of English at the University of Łódź, Poland. A specialist in psycholinguistics, foreign language acquisition and didactics, and learning difficulties, she runs teacher training courses for ELT students and practitioners. She has authored and edited books and papers on EFL and dyslexia, presenting her research at European and American academic centers.


Chapter 1 Becoming literate

Chapter 2 Causes of dyslexia

Chapter 3 Dyslexia and foreign language learning

Chapter 4 Symptoms and identification of dyslexia

Chapter 5 Treatment and teaching

Chapter 6 Sample activities for learners with dyslexia learning English as a foreign language

Postgraduate, Research / Professional
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