Multilingual Urban Scandinavia: New Linguistic Practices

Edited by: Pia Quist, Bente Ailin Svendsen

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Multilingual Matters
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This book presents, for the first time, an overarching, trans-Scandinavian, comprehensive and comparable account of linguistic developments and practices in late modern urban contact zones. The book aims to capture the multilingual realities of all young people in urban contexts, whether they are of migrant descent or not. Taking a multi-layered approach to linguistic practices, chapters in the book include structural and phonological analyses of new linguistic practices, examine how these practices and their practitioners are perceived, and discuss the sociolinguistic potentials of speakers when constructing, challenging and negotiating identities. The book also contains three short overview articles describing studies of multilingual practices in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The editors have aimed to make Scandinavian research on urban multilingualism accessible to scholars and students who don't speak Scandinavian languages, and also to make a valuable contribution to the global study of multilingualism.

A must for everybody who wants a full picture of ethnolectal structures and stylistic practices in Scandinavia - a volume full of new insights from empirical research.

Peter Auer, Freiburg University, Germany

This book is unique - a stimulating exposé of the latest research on new linguistic practices and developments in late modern urban contact zones in three comparable countries: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The authors succeed in presenting an interesting array of various analytical approaches for investigating the impact of migration, from the scrutiny of grammar to the exploration of the language of hip hop. A must read for those interested in multilingualism in the urban space.

Elizabeth Lanza, University of Oslo, Norway

Pia Quist is Associate Professor at the Department of Scandinavian Research at University of Copenhagen. She has an MA in Nordic Philology and Political science, and a PhD in sociolinguistics. Her research interests include urban sociolinguistics, multilingualism, gender and language, and youth and language. She has published her research on multilingual practices in national and international journals and anthologies.

Bente Ailin Svendsen is Associate Professor and Director of Research at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Oslo. She has carried out research on second language acquisition, multilingualism among migrant children and adults, and language use and identity constructions among adolescents in multilingual urban contexts. Her work has previously appeared in the International Journal of Bilingualism, and one of her articles on multilingualism won the Norwegian Language Award 2009.

New linguistic practices in multilingual urban Scandinavia: An introduction - Bente Ailin Svendsen and Pia Quist

1 Research on language in multilingual urban settings in Sweden - Sally Boyd

2 The sociolinguistic study of youth and multilingual practices in Denmark: An overview - Pia Quist

3 Linguistic practices in multilingual urban contexts in Norway: An overview - Bente Ailin Svendsen

4 Extended uses of 'sån' (such) among adolescents in multilingual Malmö, Sweden - Lena Ekberg

5 Subject-verb order variation in the Swedish of young people in multilingual urban areas - Natalia Ganuza

6 On some structural aspects of Norwegian spoken among adolescents in multilingual settings in Oslo - Toril Opsahl and Ingvild Nistov

7 Pronunciation in Swedish multiethnolect - Petra Bodén

8 Prosody in the Copenhagen multiethnolect - Gert Foget Hansen and Nicolai Pharao

9 Transcultural and transnational identifications among multilingual adolescents in Sweden - Charlotte Haglund

10 The use of multi-ethnic youth language in Oslo - Finn Aarsæther

11 Polylingualism in the steak house: Exploring linguistic practices in late modern Copenhagen - Janus Møller

12 Literary use of multi-ethnic youth language: Non-inversion in Swedish fiction - Roger Källström

13 "Playing with words as if it was a rap game": Hip-hop street language in Oslo - Jan Sverre Knudsen

14 'Rinkeby Swedish' in the mind of the beholder. Studying listener perceptions of language variation in multilingual Stockholm - Ellen Bijvoet and Kari Fraurud

15 Linguistic practice and stereotypes among Copenhagen adolescents - Marie Maegaard

16 One of my kind? Language and ethnicity among Danish adolescents - Mette Vedsgaard Christensen

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