Theory and Practice in EFL Teacher Education: Bridging the Gap

Edited by: Julia Hüttner, Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher, Susanne Reichl, Barbara Schiftner

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Multilingual Matters
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This volume addresses the complex issues surrounding language teacher education, especially in EFL, and the development of professionalism in this field. By applying such concepts as Shulman's "pedagogical content knowledge", the development of teachers' knowledge base is investigated in a variety of settings, thus underpinning the contextual nature of teacher learning. The vital role of critical reflection at all stages of teacher development is shown to be an integral part of language teachers' knowledge constructions in areas such as pedagogical grammar, assessment and testing. The contributions shed light also on the perception and development of teacher expertise. This volume sets out to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and in so doing shows that these constructs are far from monolithic. Rather, both theory and practice are created and developed dynamically in close interrelation.

This book's coverage of both academic and applied aspects of how teacher learning can be facilitated in a variety of settings is very topical, comprehensive, well-integrated and insightful. It is also structured imaginatively and is engaging in tone. Definitely a 'must' for would-be and practising teacher educators and others interested in the subject!

Alan Waters, Lancaster University, UK

This book is a timely and important addition to the language teacher education literature. Its focus on understanding and enhancing relationships between theory and practice in teacher learning is central to contemporary concerns in the field and the variety of perspectives it brings to the analysis of these relationships makes it very relevant to an international readership of language teacher educators.

Simon Borg, University of Leeds, UK

This valuable collection of papers is concerned with both the theory and practice of English language education, exploring in detail how the two can and should relate. Part of its value lies in its recognition that teacher education approaches must be highly context-sensitive, and for this reason the book will make essential background reading to professionals world-wide. Highly stimulating.

Keith Johnson, Lancaster University, UK

The book is an invaluable contribution to language teaching research and practice, as it discusses current conceptualizations, understandings, and perspectives to the long-standing debate on the gap between theory and practice, and attempts to bridge this gap in a constructive way for student teachers so that they see that we need both in teacher education programs.

Derya Kulavuz-Onal, University of South Florida, USA on the LINGUIST LIST 23.3654

Julia Hüttner is a Lecturer at the University of Southampton, where she teaches applied linguistics and teacher education courses. Her current research project investigates oral language use and proficiency.

Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher currently coordinates the ELT methodology programme at the Centre for English Language Teaching (Department of English) of the University of Vienna. Her research interests focus on ESP methodology and pre-service language teacher education.

Susanne Reichl is associate professor at the Centre for English Language Teaching (Department of English) of the University of Vienna. Her research interests include the teaching of literature and culture in secondary and higher education, and literature for children and young adults.

Barbara Schiftner currently works as a research assistant for the Centre for English Language Teaching (Department of English) of the University of Vienna. Her recent research activities are concerned with coherence and cohesion in learner writing.


Julia Hüttner, Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher, Susanne Reichl and Barbara Schiftner: Introduction

Part 1 Conceptualising the Issue of Theory and Practice

Henry G. Widdowson: Closing the Gap, Changing the Subject

Amy B. M. Tsui: The Dialectics of Theory and Practice in Teacher Knowledge Development

Joachim Appel: Moments of Practice: Teachers' Knowledge and Interaction in the Language Classroom

Part 2 Developing Language Teachers' Knowledge Base

Armin Berger: Creating Language Assessment Literacy: A Model for Teacher Education

Penny Ur: Grammar Teaching: Theory, Practice and English Teacher Education

David Newby: Cognitive + Communicative Grammar in Teacher Education

Susanne Reichl: Towards a Stronger Intervention: The Role of Literature in Teacher Education

Part 3 Assisting Language Teachers' Knowledge Construction

Sandra Hutterli and Michael C. Prusse: Supporting the Transfer of Innovation into Foreign Language Classrooms: Applied Projects in In-service Teacher Education

Julia Hüttner and Ute Smit: Developing Student Teachers' 'Pedagogical Content Knowledge' in English for Specific Purposes: The 'Vienna ESP Approach'

Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher: The EPOSTL (European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages): A Tool to Promote Reflection and Learning in Pre-service Teacher Education

Part 4 Addressing Established Paradigms

Irena Vodopija-Krstanovic: NESTs vs. Non-NESTs: Rethinking English Language Teacher Identities

Eva Vetter: Multilingualism Pedagogy: Building Bridges between Languages

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