The Interpreter's Guide to the Vehicular Accident Lawsuit

Author: Josef F. Buenker

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This book familiarizes the judicial interpreter with the vehicular accident lawsuit in the USA. The entire process which an interpreter may encounter is explained from the time of the accident through the final trial.  The book provides a comprehensive presentation of the participants, terminology, procedures, documents and regulations to this prevalent area of law.

This book and the education it provides for interpreters has long been awaited by the judicial community of the United States. Whether preparing for a single deposition or courtroom work as a staff interpreter, this book comprehensively equips the interpreter for peak performance. Although the book is geared specifically to the vehicular accident lawsuit in the United States, much of the information contained in the book is invaluable to the judicial interpreter involved in any type of civil lawsuit. Mr. Buenker guides the interpreter through the legal process of the vehicular accident, identifying and explaining those situations, procedures and documents uniquely important to the interpreter's job. The portions of the book that address the objectives of both sides and the resulting potential statements that the interpreter may encounter are particularly valuable. This book is essential reading for any individual who might wish to act as a judicial interpreter a vehicular accident lawsuit, or, for that matter, any civil lawsuit.

The Honorable Freeman Bullock,, (Justice, Texas 1st Court of Appeals, retired)

Josef F. Buenker received his J.D. from the University of Houston in May 1989 and was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1989. He is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Texas, in the United States District Court, Southern, Northern, Western and Eastern Districts of Texas and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. He is also a member of the Houston Bar Association. His law practice concentrates in the area of civil trial law, with an emphasis on personal injury litigation, which includes vehicular accident cases, and commercial litigation.

Acknowledgement Preface Chapter 1: An introduction to the vehicular accident lawsuit Chapter 2: Types of vehicular accident lawsuit Chapter 3: Participation of the interpreter in vehicular accident lawsuits Chapter 4: Recurring witnesses and potential testimony Chapter 5: Non-recurring witnesses Chapter 6: Expert witnesses

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