Childhood Bilingualism: Research on Infancy through School Age

Edited by: Peggy McCardle, Erika Hoff

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This book contains reports of research on bilingualism in infants and children as well as perspectives from those involved in cross-linguistic research on language development, literacy development in bilingual children, and psycholinguistic research on bilingualism in adults. It offers a fresh multidisciplinary perspective and next steps for research on childhood bilingualism.

This book is an excellent illustration of the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration in the area of childhood bilingualism. Following on from an international workshop on this topic, leading players in the fields of child and adult bilingualism provide us with an impressive state-of-the-art survey of recent work as well as a clear research agenda for the future. Margaret Deuchar Professor in Linguistics

This collection will be a valuable source of information for scholars and students working in the area of bilingualism and bilingual child language acquisition. Each article is rich in questions, suggestions and ideas, which taken together show how much remains to be done in the field of bilingual child language acquisition.

Linguist List 17.2295

Peggy McCardle is a research administrator at the U.S. National Institutes of Health, a pre-eminent funding agency of biomedical and behavioural research. She is responsible for a research portfolio on language, bilingualism and biliteracy development and disorders within the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Erika Hoff is a professor of psychology at Florida Atlantic University, in Davie, Florida. She studies language development and bilingualism. 

Childhood Bilingualism Research: An Introduction - Erika Hoff and Peggy McCardle
Processing Two Languages

1. Bilingual Speech Processing - J. F. Werker, W. M. Weikum, and K. A. Yoshida
2. When Infants Hear Two Languages: Interpreting Research on Early Speech Perception by Bilingual Children - A. Fernald
3. The Onset of Word Form Recognition in One Language and in Two - M. M. Vihman, J. A. G. Lum, G. Thierry, S. Nakai and T. Keren-Portnoy
Speaking Two Languages
4. Bilingual First Language Acquisition in Perspective - F. Genesee
5. Social Factors in Bilingual Development - R. E. Eilers, B. Zurer Pearson, A. B. Cobo-Lewis 
Acquiring Literacy in Two Languages
6. Developing Literacy in English-Language Learners - D. August, M. Calderon, Maria Carlo, and M. Nuttall
7. Bilingualism at School - E. Bialystok 
Perspectives on Childhood Bilingualism from Related Fields 
8. Adult Bilingualism and Bilingual Development - J. Kroll
9. Finding the Points of Contact: Language Acquisition in Children Raised in Monolingual, Bilingual and Multilingual Environment - S. Waxman 
Closing Comments
10. Multiple Perspectives on Research on Childhood Bilingualism - M. Crago
11. An Agenda for Research on Childhood Bilingualism - Peggy McCardle and Erika Hoff

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