Second Language Acquisition Collection (Vols 1-20)

Edited by: David Singleton, Simone E. Pfenninger

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Multilingual Matters
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This series brings together titles dealing with a variety of aspects of language acquisition and processing in situations where a language or languages other than the native language is involved. Second language is therefore interpreted in its broadest possible sense. The volumes included in the series all in their different ways offer, on the one hand, exposition and discussion of empirical findings and, on the other, some degree of theoretical reflection. In this latter connection, no particular theoretical stance is privileged in the series; nor is any relevant perspective - sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic, neurolinguistic, etc. - deemed out of place. This set includes the first 20 volumes of the series providing a definitive collection of titles on second language acquisition. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

SLA 20 Investigating Tasks in Formal Language Learning ISBN-13 9781853599279
SLA 19 Age and the Rate of Foreign Language Learning ISBN-13 9781853598920
SLA 18 Motivation, Language Attitudes and Globalisation ISBN-13 9781853598869
SLA 17 Cross-linguistic Influences in the Second Language Lexicon ISBN-13 9781853598562
SLA 16 Early Trilingualism ISBN-13 9781853598548
SLA 15 Language Learners in Study Abroad Contexts ISBN-13 9781853598524
SLA 14 Studies of Fossilization in Second Language Acquisition ISBN-13 9781853598364
SLA 13 Artificial Intelligence in Second Language Learning ISBN-13 9781853598302
SLA 12 Third Language Learners ISBN-13 9781853598036
SLA 11 Second Language Writing Systems ISBN-13 9781853597947
SLA 10 Focus on French as a Foreign Language ISBN-13 9781853597671
SLA 9 Language Acquisition 2nd ed ISBN-13 9781853597589
SLA 8 Studying Speaking to Inform Second Language Learning ISBN-13 9781853597213
SLA 7 Age, Accent and Experience in Second Language Acquisition ISBN-13 9781853597183
SLA 6 Silence in Second Language Learning ISBN-13 9781853596988
SLA 5 Fossilization in Adult Second Language Acquisition ISBN-13 9781853596872
SLA 4 Age and the Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language ISBN-13 9781853596391
SLA 3 Effects of the Second Language on the First ISBN-13 9781853596339
SLA 2 Learning to Request in a Second Language ISBN-13 9781853596124
SLA 1 Portraits of the L2 User ISBN-13 9781853595844

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