Cultural Tourism in a Changing World: Politics, Participation and (Re)presentation

Edited by: Melanie Kay Smith, Mike Robinson

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At the interface between culture and tourism lies a series of deep and challenging issues relating to how we deal with issues of political engagement, social justice, economic change, belonging, identity and meaning. This book introduces researchers, students and practitioners to a range of interesting and complex debates regarding the political and social implications of cultural tourism in a changing world. Concise and thematic theoretical sections provide the framework for a range of case studies, which contextualise and exemplify the issues raised. The book focuses on both traditional and popular culture, and explores some of the tensions between cultural preservation and social transformation.

The book is divided into thematic sections - Politics and Policy; Community Participation and Empowerment; Authenticity and Commodification; and Interpretation and Representation - and will be of interest to all who wish to understand how cultural tourism continues to evolve as a focal point for understanding a changing world.

Melanie Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Cultural Tourism from the University of Greenwich in London, as well as a Visiting Lecturer in Budapest, Hungary.

Mike Robinson is Professor of Tourism and Culture and Director of the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds, UK.

Section One - Politics and Cultural Policy

Chapter 2 - Cultural Politics, Cultural Policy and Cultural Tourism Jim Butcher

Chapter 3 - Heritage Tourism Politics in Ireland Catherine Kelly

Chapter 4 - Heritage Tourism and Revitalization of Barony Life in Norway Arvid Viken

Chapter 5 - Cultural Tourism and Socio-economic Development in Poland Barbara Marciszewska Section Two - Community Participation and Empowerment

Chapter 6 - Cultural Tourism, Community Participation and Empowerment Stroma Cole

Chapter 7 - Cultural Tourism in African Communities: A Comparison Between Cultural Manyattas in Kenya and the Cultural Tourism Project in Tanzania Rene van der Duim, Karin Peters & John Akama

Chapter 8 - Community Crafts Tourism in Lapland Satu Miettinen

Chapter 9 - Community Spirit: The Success Story of IRD Kiltimagh Frances McGettigan, Kevin Burns & Fiona Lynch

Chapter 10 - Township Tourism: Blessing or Blight? The Case of Soweto in South Africa Jenny Briedenhann & Pranhill Ramchander Section Three - Authenticity and Commodification

Chapter 11 - Cultural Tourism: Aspects of Authenticity and Commodification Nikki MacLeod

Chapter 12 - The Process of Authenticating Souvenirs Frans Schouten

Chapter 13 - Pataxo Tourist Arts and Cultural Authenticity Rodrigo de Azeredo Grunewald

Chapter 14 - Authenticity and Commodification of Balinese Dance Performances Tanuja Barker, Darma Putra & Agung. Wiranatha Section Four - Interpretation

Chapter 15 - Interpretation in Cultural Tourism László Puczkó

Chapter 16 - Interpretation in the House of Terror Tamara Rátz

Chapter 17 - Museum Politics and Interpretation in the UK Josie Appleton

Chapter 18 - Caves in Belgium: Standardisation or Diversification? Anya Diekmann, Géraldine Maulet & Stéphanie Quériat

Chapter 19 - Liberating the Heritage City: Towards Cultural Engagement Marion Stuart-Hoyle & Jane Lovell

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