English Learners' Access to Postsecondary Education: Neither College nor Career Ready

Author: Yasuko Kanno

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Multilingual Matters
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Why does a public high school, despite having resources and educators with good intentions, end up graduating English learners (ELs) without preparing them for college and career? This book answers this question through a longitudinal ethnographic case study of a diverse high school in Pennsylvania. The author takes the reader on a journey with seven EL students through their last two years of high school, exploring how and why none of them reached the postsecondary destinations they originally aspired to. This book provides a sobering look into the systemic undereducation of high school ELs and the role of high schools in limiting their postsecondary options.

Kanno provides a complex and nuanced analysis of individual and institutional forces that restrict post-secondary access for multilingual students. Guided by a comprehensive understanding of relevant research and theory, her meticulous fieldwork helps to expose systemic inequities that make clear the need for immediate and sustained change in US secondary schools.

Amanda Kibler, Oregon State University, USA

Kanno's book provides a compelling indictment of how US secondary schools as institutions routinely fail to prepare English learners for college or jobs. Vivid descriptions of the setting, students, and educators humanize the findings and bring home the cost of school failures for youth. This is an important book for all scholars, policymakers, and educators working with emergent multilingual students at the high school level.

Linda Harklau, University of Georgia, USA

In this powerful and beautifully-written book Kanno highlights the potential of schools and schooling to shape English learner (EL) students' postsecondary access and provides a foundation upon which to move the field forward. School, district, and state-level EL educators will want to incorporate her findings into the policies and practices that shape their EL students' postsecondary access.

Rebecca Callahan, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Yasuko Kanno is Associate Professor of Language Education, Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, Boston University, USA.


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Limited Access to Rigorous Academic Curriculum

Chapter 3. Underdeveloped College Knowledge

Chapter 4. Different Reasons to Choose a Community College

Chapter 5. Not Career Ready

Chapter 6. ELs' Access to Postsecondary Education

Appendix: Method


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