The Global Nomad: Backpacker Travel in Theory and Practice

Edited by: Greg Richards, Julie Wilson

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Backpackers have shifted from the margins of the travel industry into the global spotlight. This volume explores the international backpacker phenomenon, drawing together different disciplinary perspectives on its meaning, impact and significance. Links are drawn between theory and practice, setting backpacking in its wider social, cultural and economic context.

Greg Richards is lecturer in leisure studies at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, and currently a research fellow at the Interarts Observatory for Culture and Tourism in Barcelona. Julie Wilson is Research Fellow with the Centre for Environment and Planning, University of the West of England, Bristol (UK) although currently a Batista i Roca Fellow with the Department of Geography, Universitat Rovira i Virgil, Tarragona and Visiting Fellow, Universitat de Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

PART 1: INTRODUCTION 1. Drifting Towards the Global Nomad Greg Richards and Julie Wilson; 2. The Global Nomad: Motivations and Behaviour of Independent Travellers WorldwideGreg Richards and Julie Wilson PART 2: BACKPACKING AS A (POST)MODERN PHENOMENON 3. Backpacking: Diversity and Change Erik Cohen ( Hebrew University of Jerusalem) ; 4. Theoretical Encounters Irena Ateljevic (Auckland University of Technology) & Steven Doorne (University of South Pacific) ; 5. The Beaten Track: Anti-Tourism as an Element of Backpacker Identity Construction Peter Welk (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat); 6:.The Whole Point of Backpacking Jana Binder (Wolfgang Goethe-University); 7. The Conquerors and the Settlers Darya Maoz (Hebrew University of Jerusalem); 8. Backpacker Icons: Influential Literary 'Nomads' in the Formation of Backpacker Identities Julie Wilson & Greg Richards PART 3: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE GLOBAL NOMAD 9. Backpacking in Scotland Clare Speed and Tony Harrison (Sheffield Hallam University); 10. Profiling the International Backpacker Market in Australia Lee Slaughter (University of Queensland); 11. Backpackers: Nomads Join the Mainstream? Malcolm Cooper (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University) , Kieran O'Mahony (Urangan State High School, Australia) & Patricia Erfurt (University of New England, Australia) 12. Destination-Based Product Selections by International Backpackers in Australia Denise Kain & Brian King (Victoria University); 13. Setting out on the road less travelled: A study of backpacker travel in New Zealand Ken Newlands (UNITEC Institute of Technology); 14. Backpacker Transport Choice Paul Vance (University of Hertfordshire). CONCLUSIONS 15: Widening Perspectives in Backpacker Research Greg Richards & Julie Wilson

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