Tourism and National Identity: Heritage and Nationhood in Scotland

Author: Kalyan Bhandari

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This book explores the role of tourism as a means to express 'nation' and 'nationhood'. Based on field research in southwest and central Scotland it shows how various historical accounts, cultural icons and images, events and celebrations create a meaning of the Scottish nation. It examines the narratives, either explicit or implicit, produced at heritage-related tourism sites and how these become interwoven with the ideology of a nation. This volume will be of use to researchers and students in tourism and heritage studies, Scottish studies, culture and identity, nationalism and national identity; as well as to tourism and heritage industry professionals and policy-makers.

This objective view of the power of Scotland's tourism image to create and propel a dynamic political identity is refreshing and very rewarding.

Hospitality & Society, Volume 7, Number 1

This excellent book places us right at the heart of how Scottish culture and national identity is represented through heritage tourism. It clearly shows how a country can be 'made' through tourism as it carefully selects the bits of history that reinforce both commerce and stereotypes. An essential read for anyone interested in how politics, history, place-making and heritage all get muddied in the touristic mix.

Peter Burns, University of Bedfordshire, UK

Kalyan Bhandari has carefully analysed an impressive set of sources, from icons & attractions to events & celebrations, to produce a scholarly and comprehensive volume examining the contribution of tourism to Scotland's identity and nationhood. This book is a major contribution to the literature on tourism and identity.

Chris Cooper, Oxford Brookes University, UK

This book offers new perspectives on a well-known topic. Writing at a key point in the national narrative, during a period of political change, Bhandari offers a fresh and insightful approach. A new Scot, who moved to Dumfries from Nepal, he combines commentary on under-researched areas of Scotland, such as the South West, with remarks on established branding. He offers new answers to an old question: how does, and why should, tourism express nationalism?

Valentina Bold, University of Glasgow, UK

Kalyan Bhandari is a lecturer in Events, Hospitality and Tourism at the University of the West of Scotland, UK. He has been working in tourism for 14 years and his research interests include heritage, cultural identity and representation in tourism and nationalism and national identity in tourism.

List of Illustrations 
1. Introduction 
2. Tourism and Nationalism in Scotland 
3. Scottish Identity in Tourism 
4. 'Narrating' the Scottish Nation in Tour Buses 
5. Robert the Bruce and the Regional Heritage of the Southwest 
6. The Scottish Nation in the Cultural Heritage of Robert Burns 
7. Genealogical Tourists and Homeland Nationalism 
8. Conclusions 

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