Transcultural Voices: Narrating Hip Hop Culture in Complex Delhi

Author: Jaspal Naveel Singh

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Multilingual Matters
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This book presents the narratives and voices of young, mostly male practitioners of hip hop culture in Delhi, India. The author suggests that practitioners understand hip hop as both a thing that can be appropriated and authenticated, made real, in the local and global context and as a way that enables them to transform their lives and futures in the rapidly globalising urban environments of Delhi. The dancers, artists, musicians and cultural theorists that feature in this book construct a multitude of voices in their narratives to formulate their 'own' transcultural voices within global hip hop. Through a combination of linguistic ethnography, sociolinguistics and discourse studies, the book addresses issues including gender and sexuality, identity construction and global culture.

Jaspal Naveel Singh is an Assistant Professor of Sociolinguistics in the School of English, The University of Hong Kong. His research interests include global hip hop linguistics, linguistic ethnography, sociolinguistics and discourse studies.

Prologue: Gender Everywhere

Chapter 1. Complex Questions: Normalising Voice in Narratives

Chapter 2. Studying Transcultural Voices

Chapter 3. Doing Ethnography in Delhi's Hip Hop Scene

Chapter 4. Othering Voices: Prosodic Normalising of the Authentic Cosmopolitan Self

Chapter 5. Translingual Voices: Remixed Language Ideologies

Chapter 6. Synchronising Voices: Travelling the Delhi to Bronx Wormhole

Chapter 7. Embodying Voices: Breakin Cyphers and the B-Boy Stance

Chapter 8. Overstandin Voices: Methodologies for Hip Hop

Chapter 9. Conclusion

Epilogue: Gender, Again



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